Portrait drawn by Dextra Hoffman - https://www.patreon.com/dextra
Portrait by Dextra Hoffman

I’m Cameron Callahan. I grew up watching cartoons and reading comic books. In December 2008 I found myself unemployed and decided to devote all of my free time to making silly comic books that featured robots and lizard creatures. Early 2009 saw me moving out to the desert at the request of my mother, to help with some family issues. During this bizarre, isolated time in the desert I finished a 32 page comic book of short stories starring Primus, a naive but well meaning robot with lizard creatures for parents. 

Over the next few years I wrote and doodled two other print issues that have somehow been purchased from people all over the world. I also have had short comics printed in zines/anthologies put together by others.

Just a few months after I decided I wanted to doodle, my comics were briefly talked about on the (now defunct) ART & STORY podcast (Listen Here). I had a short comic in an issue of the zine anthology Candy or Medicine that was reviewed on The Comics Journal website where I was called an “artist to watch” (Read Here) by reviewer Rob Clough. Rob would later do a more in depth review of the first four Scrambled Circuits issues on his own site (Read Here).



Scrambled Circuits: Crude Beginnings Writer/Artist Forthcoming 100 page paperback collecting Scrambled Circuits 1-3 with extra commentary and sketches.


Consumed by the Static 3 Writer/Artist Prose/comic zine. Discontinued.


Scrambled Circuits: An Abbreviated Account (Review) Writer/Artist Self published. Full length comic book.


Beautiful Day, Ugly People by Zenkalia Artist Album artwork.


Imagonem 38 Writer/Artist Short comic “Dungeon Cleaners”. For the gaming zine Imagonem
Scrambled Circuits: Defining Moments (Review) Writer/Artist Self published. Full length comic book.
Consumed by the Static 2 Writer/Artist Prose/comic zine.
Consumed by the Static 1 Writer/Artist Prose/comic zine. Discontinued.
Make Something Magazine 4 Artist Cover artwork.


Make Something Magazine 2 Writer/Artist Short comic “Clucks and Fries”.
Scrambled Circuits: Origin Story (Review) Writer/Artist Self published. Full length comic book.
Candy or Medicine 9 (Review) Writer/Artist Short comic “Thanksgiving with the Relatives”. Unavailable.
Make Something Magazine 1 Writer/Artist Short comic “Birth Name”.


Scrambled Circuits Holiday Mini 1 Writer/Artist Minicomic. Discontinued.
Scrambled Circuits: Closet Optimist (Review) Writer/Artist Self published. Full length comic book.

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