I am Cameron Callahan and I write and doodle the slightly acclaimed comic series Scrambled Circuits. I release my own comics and also contribute to anthologies and magazines put together by others.

I grew up on a steady diet of cartoons, comic books, and NES video games. As a child my days were spent watching Beast Wars and ReBoot while my nights were spent staying up past my bed time secretly to watch Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, Sifl & Olly and Liquid Television.

Some of my favorite comics that have influenced me in some way are Matt Wagner’s Grendel, Brian Wood’s Local, Warren Ellis’ Fell, Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor, Lee Falk’s The Phantom, and Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.

In 2009 I released the first collection of Scrambled Circuits comics – over 30 pages of short comics about Primus, a well meaning but perpetually confused robot constantly in search of some amount of consistency and meaning in life.

In 2010, Rob Clough of The Comics Journal called me an “artist to watch”! [Link]

2010 and 2011 saw the release of another Scrambled Circuits collection each year as well as a few comic contributions to anthologies put together by others.

All of 2012 was spent writing and working to produce a collection of Scrambled Circuits stories written by me and drawn by a number of great, talented artists. This was finally released in November of 2013.

All Scrambled Circuits issues can be obtained right here. The first three issues are available free and the fourth issue is just 2.99.

For 2014, Cameron is attempting to put together a currently-secret comic anthology as well as the fifth issue of Scrambled Circuits. The first three issues of Scrambled Circuits will also be remixed and re-released in a collection with significantly nicer lettering and touched up artwork.