I write and sometimes draw the slightly acclaimed comic series Scrambled Circuits.




Scrambled Circuits

Cameron Callahan


Cameron Callahan

#grimrock2 Ascension pack v1 - http://acdpcomics.net/l/1s

[Items] Ascension pack v1 and self-contained party hooks (for #grimrock2 )

This is a small collection of items that I hope will give people some ideas on the types of unique weapons and armor that this game engine can create with mix and matching its components around. This consists of two parts. A set of hooks for the Party Object and the items themselves. More info and the Lua code is available on the Grimrock forums here: http://acdpcomics.net/l/1s

Cameron Callahan



Cameron Callahan

My comic making room, 2009. a few months into my desert stay.

In the middle of making the first Scrambled Circuits. My nerd laboratory. 2009. Hemet, CA. #tbt

Cameron Callahan

The countdown has begun.

Cameron Callahan

Parent Teacher Conference

The best parts of Scrambled Circuits are the individual story descriptions I've been coming up with the last few days.


Cameron Callahan

The Journey So Far? #Grimrock2

At a point where I know I specced some characters wrong and really need to find a place to grind for another level. Fucking crabs, man, they were annoying in the first game, too. #Grimrock2

Cameron Callahan


Public Service Announcement: There are disgustingly creepy Mimics in #Grimrock2. Holy Moly.