The Impossible Kid

Tomorrow is “The Impossible Kid” day, and it’s been up streaming for a few days now “set to a shot-for-shot, miniaturized remake of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining as re-imagined by Rob Shaw”.

It seemingly plays in a more straight forward autobiographical way than his other albums, talking about his obsession with painting/drawing as a kid that regrets not pursuing, uneasiness in fitting in with a group that anyone else would agree you belong in, about his moving out of the city into a barn for a while, about moving back, anecdotes involving his two brothers growing up, and a group of songs about the moment you decide to actually take a step to change yourself, going to a therapist only to have them give up and desperately say “I don’t know, maybe get a kitten?”

As someone who has a life goal that changes daily between “Living alone in a cabin with just a cat and a good internet connection to never see another soul again”, “Living in a compound of artists creating shit constantly”, and “Going from town to town by train writing comics about all the different people he meets” this album speaks to me in some way.

Scrambled Circuits: Volumes 1-3


Since 2009 I have doodled a comic series titled Scrambled Circuits that stars robots and lizard creatures. It is an autobiographical series of vignettes starring a robot named Primus and his struggle to connect to those around him. I want to print a small run of paperbacks collecting the first three issues I made between 2009 – 2013. It will be over 100 pages, black and white, and each story will include extra commentary by Primus or me, talking about the situation in the comic itself, the real life events around the story, or the comic making pitfalls experienced at the time. The comics that will be collected can be read online for free on Tapastic – Please help them get a nice print paperback collection!

View the Kickstarter Campaign here -> Scrambled Circuits on Kickstarter

David Bowie.

When I was somewhere around 15 years old my mother had the blue Best Of Bowie cd, with his face on the cover that is sort of cut out of different pictures of him. She would play it sometimes and then I would take it from the living room and play it in my room.

As his insane 90s albums were coming out I was discovering his previous 30 years of music. My favorite Bowie album is whatever I’m listening to at the time. But if I’m not listening to him, then I often would jump to Hunky Dory, Outside, Station to Station, or Reality (Blackstar is on the list, now, of course) as the ones I enjoy the most (Or maybe Scary Monsters, or Low, or Ziggy, or Aladdin Sane, or……) .

When I was exiled in the desert, working on silly robot comics to save my life, Outside and the Berlin Trilogy were constant background music.

Three years ago I very excitedly walked into work with the most ridiculous grin on my face. It was announced that David Bowie was working on a new album and that that album would be out in just two fucking months. I was telling everyone. I was so excited.

I did the same fucking thing last Friday. “He put out another album. I’ve been listening to it all morning. It’s mesmerizing. It’s so good.” To everyone. They had to know.

David Bowie. 1947 – 2016.
I’m not a prophet or a stone age man.
Just a mortal with potential of a superman.
I’m living on.