Vote For Your Children

If I’m to label my political stance the best I can do is call myself a progressive. I am also a filthy entitled millennial.
Hillary Clinton is a big ole shit bird. Donald Trump is a big ole shit bird. While different types of shit birds, they are both some of the smelliest, dirtiest, most disgusting shit birds we have seen. Hillary Clinton is politically disgusting and corrupt and represents what is wrong with our lack of law enforcement for the powerful (The thing is, that mantle can clearly go with many others). Donald Trump is the ultimate manifestation of the schoolyard bully – he hates himself so much that literally the only thing he can do to trick people into thinking he has any strength of his own is to blame everything on other people.
Let me tell you what kind of country your children want to grow up in.
Your children – Your children now or your children in the future – want to live in a country where “locker room” talk at its ABSOLUTE MOST crudest is more in line with, “Damn, Jenny’s tits look great in what she’s wearing today” and not “I grab them by the pussy. I can do anything to them.” and where people understand that commenting on someones appearance in a base, crude manner like that is different than saying YOU LITERALLY CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SOMEONE ELSE WITHOUT THEIR APPROVAL.
Your children don’t want to be handed everything for free. Your children want to be able to afford to put themselves through college on a part time job – just like you did – but will happily work three if that will get the goal completed.
Similarly: Your children do not want lower taxes. Your children will actually gladly pay more in taxes as long as, with the passing of time, we can look back and proudly say, “Yes, our country is better now than it was 8 years ago!” For example, if raising our taxes could help with things like noticeably strengthening our public transportation system, make medications more affordable for people with chronic illnesses, or help raise the base education level attainable for the average person, then we will gladly pay our share of taxes.
Your children want to live in a world where a single individual is judged solely by that single individuals actions and not a world where an individual is judged by the actions of others that might happen to share some characteristics with them.
Your children also understand what America was suppose to represent: A place where anyone could come to on the basis that if we can each be respectful and decent to each other than there is no reason we can’t get along. This means that one person can go to church and pray their hearts out Sunday morning and someone else can spend their sunday mornings not giving a single fuck about god and then they can meet for brunch later and still have a great meal together as friends.
Your children want to live in a world with sensible laws that protect the citizens of the country from being exploited and abused – from other citizens, from the government, from anyone. Your children want to live in a world where if someone breaks those laws there is some sort of consequence. Not just for the average person, but for those in places of power as well.
While one shit bird might be a bit better then the other, there is only one real take away from this Presidential cycle: Your children are completely doomed. Your vote will not change anything for the better. Your vote might make it not get much worse, though, but certainly nothing will get any better for them. The thing is, your children are a resilient bunch. They’ll be alright despite all this.