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It's probably difficult for me to not love a BROCKHAMPTON album, if only because each album is so... Differentish? GINGER is, largely, a low key album that did not impress me with any of their singles except for the last one, NO HALO, which is the opening track of the album and an absolute emotional gut punch. My favorite track, by far, but I'm glad to say the other singles all feel way more cohesive within the full track list than they did on their own as singles (Especially BOY BYE, where the instrumental is such a groovy stand out that I fucking adore now).

Its got a slight religion tinge to it - I might even say not enough - to be just as much feeling like a "concept" album as all their others, and while I adore this album, I really really want them to lean full throttle into their thematic concepts for these albums than they do.

MATT CHAMP (especially his DEARLY DEPARTED verse). and JOBA are still the best, though Dom is really fucking great at times... Plus a bunch of new features that all sound great.

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