[Originally posted on Instagram on April 20, 2019]
Honestly, I enjoyed the singles leading up to this new sadistik album but I was unsure of the image they depicted of what the full album might be.

His last full length, 2016s ALTARS, seemed like a heavy contemplation on the importance of valuing yourself (perhaps even if you can't love yourself) and looking around you at the things in the world at large and in your own personal world and destroying what doesn't respect you and replacing it with something that does. At the time, I felt like it was a great culmination of what he had been doing musically all along, something he had clearly built towards.

HAUNTED GARDENS is the exact opposite in a lot of ways. It is low key, bare, and stripped down. No song reaches four minutes, most are under three, with a handful two minutes or less. It is direct. No features, just sadistik. The music often has this ethereal quality, like it's coming from an old wind up music box or some thing.

KOI hurts me to listen to. It's amazing. The two singles, SAINTS and EDEN, are even better in the context of the record. DAISIES, GALLOWS HILL, COALS... shit, man.

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