[Originally posted on Instagram on September 17, 2018]

I saw Cage play last December at @theroxy. It was billed as Cage vs Sam Hill and after his set he came out as Sam Hill and did an insane and intense performance of some stuff he had released under than name. Infernal Depths is the first official collection of songs he has released under the Sam Hill name and my only disappointment is that it does not have either of the two singles he released last year - two of the sickest songs anyone fucking released all God damn year - but im super excited Cage has said both of the singles are on Book 2 which he will announce soon.

He's suggested there will be three Books and i couldn't be more excited. Cage has always been a really interesting rapper, capable of being super unsettling and dark one song then fucking hilarious and weird right after, and his voice and flows can be just as diverse.

And while his stuff as Sam Hill is certainly pretty focused on the darker side of topics like obsession, religion, and the supernatural this first book has a lot of different sounds through our each track.

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