[Originally posted on Instagram on July 21, 2019]

I already feel behind on music this year - LA rap legend Myka9 has already put out two releases, and today alone saw a literal handful of albums I was waiting for come out.

The most anticipated being the new Aesop Rock project, under the name Malibu Ken, with production by Tobacco. It's been playing all morning and it's better than I had anticipated, often times because of the production (the song Tuesday has such a crunchy, heavy beat its probably the stand out). Over the last 3 or 4 albums Aesop has been becoming easily one of the best writers out there, telling stories about tiny little parts of the big whole, the parts that get neglected despite having important lessons to teach. I find this to be a pretty gut punching emotional set of songs with my personal favorite being 1+1=13, a track about the desperate search for rationality and order in the world.

"I know you trying to find a little bit of math in your misfortune
Miss him with the supernatural, There has to be some order
There has to be something more than hoarding rabbits feet and wishbones
Horseshoes over door-frames, Feng Shui, fishbowl"

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