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When I think about albums this year that I played over and over and over, these are what pops up off the top of my head. I started writing a lil bit about each i liked but quickly realized i was writing paragraphs about each 😅 I'll try to be brief 😅

If you don't think of yourself as a rap fan but also haven't explored the genre much, the Dessa and Four Fists albums will give you an accessible but rewarding entrance into the (very diverse) genre. The Kristoff Krane album fits into that category also, though it's a bit abstract and conceptual.

If you are a rap fan id guess you already heard the phenomenal Denzel Curry album and the heavy and visceral Sadistik ep, but if not, you must. As well as the Sam Hill album, which is the NY rapper Cage under a different name, that tackles topics like religious hypocrisy, demonology, and other similar topics in the sickening and intensely sarcastic way only Cage can.

deM atlaS dropped what is easily one of the catchiest, grooviest albums of the whole year. It's loud and it's powerful and he sounds incredible and commanding.

Jeff Rosenstock gave us a solid pop/punk album with a lot of political themes as well as his usual self depreciating humor and the Daughters album is grindingly loud, hypnotic, and unusual (all in positive ways).

L->R,U->D .
Jeff Rosenstock - POST-
Kristoff Krane - Kairos, Part 2
Dessa - Chime
Sadistik - Salo Sessions II
Sam Hill - Book ov Sam: Infernal Depths
Denzel Curry - TABOO
Four Fists - 6666
deM atlaS - Bad Actress
Daughters - You Can't Get What You Want

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