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let's fucking do this. The albums that come to mind when I try & figure out what I enjoyed the most this year.

Ceschi - Sad, Fat, Luck. an album that was written for people that have lost loved ones & I've lost a few of em over the years (Still getting over em).

Sadistik - Haunted Gardens. A project that is simultaneously something you'd never expect Sadistik to do & also something that makes a lot of sense for him. It's a low key, short collection of intensely introspective songs that sees Sadistik trying to make sense of who he is.

Kate Tempest - The Book of Traps and Lessons. A harsh and beautiful look at us, them, & everyone who falls somewhere in between.

clipping. - There Existed an Addiction to Blood. Some of the best production around, some of the sickest, grimiest music to perhaps ever come out.

Nigel - Tantrum. Onry Ozzborn, the most prolific rapper you've never heard of (With 20ish albums under his belt) has released his newest project under the name Nigel (the name of the crossbow wielding jackalope on the cover) & it's damn good.

BROCKHAMPTON - Ginger. Some weird magic to these guys & this has somehow become my favorite album of theirs, maybe. The cover is of two bros hugging each other, which is pretty descriptive of a chunk of what they sing about.

Better Oblivion Community Center - selftitled. My long time favorite singer/songwriter Connor Oberst teams up w/ Phoebe Bridgers, newer but also really good singer/songwriter, to release an album together.

Dessa - Sound the Bells. Dessa, one of the most powerful lyricists in the rap game performed & recorded some shows with the Minnesota Orchestra. The result is a uniquely great album about heart break, hard work & her personal journey with being a woman (in the male dominated rap game but also being a woman in general which, because a lot of men are trash, is harder than it should be).

Malibu Ken - Malibu Ken. Long time favorite of mine, Aesop Rock plus producer Tobacco are Malibu Ken and this album is wonky. It's Aes rapping over electronic beats which works out well MOST of the time. But Aes has been writing his best lyrics lately and this is no exception.

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