[Originally posted on Instagram on April 6, 2019]

Ceschi, indie rapper uhhh and I guess like folk punk musician, dropped his fifth solo record last week (his second full length collab with producer extraordinaire Factor). It's almost like this album was made for me, considering the main topics the songs discuss. What is pretty much the overall thesis of the album, the song Sans Soleil, is a song that has literally made me tear up every time I play it. Even if I'm on the bus and shit. Fuck. I'll probably tear up if he plays it when I see him in a few weeks.

"This has been an awfully costly trip
Taking many parts of me with it
Taken away
Finished with the talking about it
Most my words are hardly making sense anyway
This has been an awfully costly trip
But this planet hasn’t lost me yet
Take it away
This has been an awfully costly trip
But my body hasn’t rotted yet
Sans Soleil"

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