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Not sure where to start. The middle child in the "final trilogy" of Ceschi albums (and going forward he will presumably be under a new name, making a 'separate' music catalog). The first came out on 4/4,this one 8/4,and the last one 12/4.

Is a massive album with a few rap bangers (one of which features an insane trio of features - Open Mine Eagle, POS, and Onry Ozzborn - a nice lil posse cut), some gut wrenching acoustic tracks, a few pop songs, and a massive collection of spoken word interludes. It's like a huge spider webby mass of collective tissue that spans back in time to the early 2000s, referencing every ceschi album, throwing back to his first 2019 release, calling back to earlier tracks on this damn album. It's a mess that i mostly adore.

One of the short interludes is a partial cover of the massive Britney pop hit, Baby One More Time. His first album of the trilogy had the spiritual one-two punch of Say No More and Eletrocardiographs. This album has Christ on a Cross followed by Yoni's Electrocardiographs. The first songs have the same chorus and each version of Electrocardiographs has slightly different lyrics. It's a fascinating album, especially as part of a trilogy that was written and recorded long ago literally as a trilogy instead of some "oh, in retrospect this was a trilogy i did" thing.

Makes me super interested in what could possibly be in that last album (all i know is that my man Sadistik makes an appearance).

He will be in LA again around my birthday in November and i know i will be there for it. His release show for his last album was an amazing experience.

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