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I think this has been an interesting album to experience. First off, Apollo Brown I know SOLELY because of his absolutely fantastic remix of Ghostface Killah's 12 Reasons To Die album. 12 Reasons to Die part 1 and 2 are albums that just intersect with so many different things I adore it is as if they were created just for me. Then Apollo Brown takes part 1 and turns this insane comic booky, story driven narrative album into was is basically a rap based old time radio show and it's just a fucking home run with me.

I wasn't too sure what to expect - Albums that are producer driven with guests brought on for each track are /usually/ more hit than miss with me but with Sincerely, Detroit everything basically clicks perfectly.

Sincerely, Detroit is a massive 21 track album featuring over 50 detroit based rappers. Many of them obviously involve more time invested into listening to them, none of them are any of the main stream Detroit rappers.

I feel like this album is probably perfect to give to older people that do dumb ass hand motions and say "hippity hoppity" whenever you hint you might like rap music. I don't mean this in a negative way. I mean, this is one big ass album full of super catchy beats and great rappers telling stories about friends and family they've lost, the hard work grind and hustle, and the strong unwavering religious faith found in rap music. It's like super accessible songs about all the shit old people say people younger than them don't care about (even though rap music has been more about faith, family, and hard work than any other genre for fucking 30 years).

I don't know, I feel like I owe a bunch of the rappers involved some listening, and Apollo Brown did a god damn impressive job producing and pulling this all together.

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