[Originally posted on Instagram on November 7, 2019]
One of the most memorable live shows I've been to was last year in, i think, March was seeing Dessa perform at the El Rey theater in LA. It was fast moving and had comedy skits between songs? She had this unstoppable, powerful presence the entire night.

Essayist turned rapper who continually leans more and more into pop music, Dessa has been one of my favorite vocalists and writers for years. Her new album is a collection of her work through out her decade or so career rearranged and performed with a full orchestra and it's magnificent. During a discussion about the making of it, the head of the label said (jokingly?) they wanted to call the album "Motherfucking Vigilance" initially. They ended up titling the album, "Sound the Bells" instead though.

"I think a woman’s worth
I think that she deserves
A better line of work
Than motherfucking vigilance
Don’t give me vigilance
By definition you can’t make a difference
If the big ambition
Is simply standing sentry to your innocence
That’s not a way to live
That can’t be what a woman is
That gives her nothing to aspire to
What that is
What that is
Is just a life of running fire drills"

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