[Originally posted on Instagram on October 30, 2019]

Okay. Let me start it off by saying that hip hop has been on a serious trend over the last two years with putting out projects that are under 30 minutes and, sure, we have got a handful of good shit in that category (Earl Sweatshirt, Kids See Ghosts, Sadistik, Denzel Curry, Danny Brown) but I was pretty excited to see an album that went longer than half an hour.

So aside from that NUMBER ONE: THIS ALBUM IS TENSE and it does not care about you.

Number two: it is at times pretty graphic and descriptive, in the most unnerving way it can be be.

This is an album that is made up of horror stories. These stories are made up of lyrics, vocals, background sounds, and music that is intricate and off-center and unusual.

Three: A solid feature line up that all add a lot of personality to the tracks they appear on.

Number four!!! This intense cacophony ends with an 18 minute track that is comparatively way chiller than anything else on the album.

It. Is. Amazing.

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